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What is Skybooker

Skybooker was first launched as on Online travel agency (OTA) in North America and has a very strong presence in the United States and Canada.

The owners of the company has a combination of 20 years of travel and technology expertise with a strong presence in the Airline consolidation business.

With the fastest evolving travel industry and the ever-increasing number of travelers, Skybooker soon partnered with leading OTA's to become a fare aggregator website also known as a travel metasearch engine. Now with every query searched, Skybooker connects to multiple OTAs, airlines and brings the best airfare and the right flight for the customer to complete smooth hassle free purchase.

In addition to Skybooker, we manage a portfolio of metasearch brands including Europe.Deals, AirfareExperts.com and DestinaTravel.com that together process more than two million consumer queries a year.

We are looking for investors to grow our presence in Europe and Asia. Contact admin@skybooker.com

Corporate Head Office

Suite 1400-223, 50 Fountain Plaza
Buffalo New York 14202